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This page contains all of the different flowers that we have
picked from all the countries of the world. Each flower has an
assigned song that represents the culture of their country.
You will see these flowers interpreted in 2d and 3d design which are
to found in different parts of Mbaye.
You can click on the Earth to play randomized from our playlist or
you can click any flower to play the assigned song on that flower, it will
then take you to another page that will tell you about flower that
you picked.
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In this page you will find all the information abot the flower that you
clicked from the Flowers of Mbaye page. You can read the flower
while listening the song assigned to that flower.
You can view the wikipedia page here.

Click on Solar

to go back

Hover on Nuvola

to read her message

Click for culture...

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By clicking the "Music Video"
log, it will show you the video
of the song playing. You can
pause or play the song and
even maximize the video to
take up the whole screen.
By clicking the flower designs on
the Red Persian carpet, it will show
you our 3D interpretation of the
flower that was used for Mbaye's
feet. You can maximize the window
to see details in 3d world.
Here is an example of a 3D
interpretation of the flower
Petunia Exserta. You will see this
flower used on the Mbaye's feet.
You can minimize or close this page.
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